Friday, June 1, 2018

Not Exactly As Planned

If you've read any of my previous posts you probably know that I sometimes like to "stink my pants". Yes, that's correct. I am now 62 years old and I still enjoy filling my panties with creamy stink. In my warped desires, I especially enjoy doing it in public places and one of my favorite public pants pooping activities is messing my pants while on a bicycle ride. When I have the desire for this type of fun the most essential part of fulfilling my desire is to wait until I have an extreme urge for a BM. My desire is always to really "FILL" my pants so it is important to wait until I have a big poo wanting to come out. So when the opportunity arrives, I put on my panties and plastic pants (for protection) under my shorts or sweats depending on the time of year for my ride. I then insert a suppository in my butt then head out for my fun. I ride until I can no longer control my bowels then stop for long enough to fill my panties with stink. I then get back on my bike and enjoy the feeling of a large creamy poo spreading up my butt crack and between my legs. While I know that what I've done is usually not noticeable, it excites me to ride past unsuspecting females along the trail while wearing panties full of stink!

One day earlier this spring everything was in place for me to have a very fun bike ride including an extremely strong urge for a BM. I hadn't had one in two days and I knew for certain this one was going to be a pants filler. I prepared in my usual manner and being that it was a cool morning I wore sweats over my floral print cotton panties and plastic pants. I headed out on my bike ride and when I reached the three mile mark from my home the tire on my bicycle suddenly went completely flat. The suppository in my rectum was already working and I was starting to feel the need to make a big stink. With the flat tire I had no option but to begin walking and pushing my bike for the three miles back to my house. Now while this may sound ideal for someone who desires to poop their pants in public it was not the best situation. While the first half mile of my walk would be on a trail, the last two and a half miles would be walking through various neighborhoods. I knew the potential would be there for someone to offer to "give me a ride" home in their vehicle, possibly even someone who knew me so I certainly did not want to be in a situation where that occurred and my pants were full of stink. At that moment I decided that I had to somehow hold my BM until I got back home.

For the first mile I had no problem but then my need to poop started getting quite urgent. I was really having to concentrate on keeping my sphincter tight and not allowing any stink to escape into my pants. There were a couple times that I had to just stop walking and sit down on my bike seat to try and get myself under control. After walking nearly two miles I could tell I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. I suddenly felt a small amount of soft mushy stink push into my butt crack and again had to stop walking to keep from totally filling my pants. I didn't make it much longer. While standing and waiting to cross a busy intersection I felt another small amount of stink pushing out but that time I couldn't get it stopped and suddenly I was standing there completely filling my panties with stink! It was soft and warm, and it was a massive amount. I could feel a huge bulge hanging in the seat of my sweatpants and there was no hiding it. If anyone saw me at that moment they would know I had a big pile of stink in my pants. I immediately started pushing on the bulge with my hand trying to spread it out so it was less noticeable and while that helped it seemed that it was still pretty obvious that I had pooped my pants. After getting across the intersection I decided to sit down on my bike seat to really squish the bulging load in my pants. That seemed to accomplish what I needed to do as my stink spread between my legs and all the way up my butt crack. I got off the bike seat then nervously walked the remaining mile home while hoping that I didn't run into anyone I knew.

I made it home without any problem and once I had arrived I got very aroused by thinking about what had happened. It certainly was not what I had planned but still it was exciting. Once I was in the safety of my garage I sat back down on my bike seat in my stink filled panties. I then masturbated and soaked my panties with cum.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Recently Having Fantasies About My Mom

I'm certain that every young boy at some time during his pubescent years masturbated while fantasizing about his mother.  I know I did multiple times and continued to do so on occasion through my teenage years. My loving mother passed away over twenty-seven years ago and it had been over forty years since I last had any fantasies involving her.

My mom was not a beauty queen. She was thirty-eight in 1955 when I was born and I was the last of her five children. I would describe her as your average stay at home mother from the era of the fifties and sixties. She was overweight with lots of cellulite in her thighs and in her big white butt. While growing up I often saw her in her bra and panties but I also have vivid memories of seeing her bare butt a number of times. I also recall how I often enjoyed getting wonderful views of her butt through her nightgowns. Whenever she would bend over in her silky white nightgowns, her butt and crack were always quite visible. It was those visions in my mind of her butt that would get me aroused when I fantasized. The following picture is not my mom the resemblance is remarkable and I find it to be very sexy. 

Recently I had been communicating with another older perverted guy like myself and we began telling each other intimate stories from our childhood about our mothers. Those stories and thinking about the events brought back all kinds of memories and of the fantasies that I had of my mom when I was young. One morning after that I was laying in bed thinking of those fantasies and strangely I felt myself getting aroused. I couldn't believe what was happening but it didn't take long before I was fully erect. I pulled the covers down and watched myself as I began to rub and stroke my excited wee-wee just like I used to do when I was a young boy. I was envisioning my mom's big creamy white butt in her panties and I was masturbating my excited wee-wee. I'm 62 years old and what I was doing didn't seem right yet I couldn't make myself stop. I was as hard as I could possibly be and then the inevitable happened. I felt that wonderful feeling in my wee-wee as I stroked myself then I watched a thick load of creamy cum squirt on my belly. It was one of the most intense "cums" that I've had recently. Afterwards I felt like I had done something wrong and very perverted. My mom has long been deceased and I just masturbated while fantasizing about her! I wondered what would make me do that but I had no answer. What may be even stranger is that I have done the same thing a few times since and with the same results. I feel like such a pervert!

Friday, October 13, 2017

"Uncut" Cocks

I saw my first uncut (non-circumcised) penis in the locker room during my physical education class while in junior high. Mine is circumcised and most of the boys in my class looked just like mine. I noticed that two boys penises looked quite different from the rest, almost freakish to me and I didn't know why? I did know that I preferred the way mine looked and was happy that I had what seemed to be the "normal" design. The others looked so strange that I actually did everything possible to not have to ever look at them and I even thought that maybe they were deformed. Eventually I learned why the two boys penises were different than mine but I still didn't care for the look of them and was quite happy that mine had been "cut".

Throughout most of my lifetime, I had no sexual interest in men and whether a cock was cut or uncut was irrelevant to me but after my sissy desires took over, I became very interested in looking at cocks. I loved looking at men with circumcised cocks and I'm sorry to say that I was repulsed by uncut cocks. I wanted nothing to do with them. I didn't want to look at them and I certainly didn't ever want to suck one! I belong to a picture sharing website and when I would get friend requests from guys with uncut cocks, I would not friend them. I didn't want to see their "ugly' uncut penis! I'm embarrassed to admit it but I truly was prejudiced and a cock snob. I didn't like cocks that were different than mine.

I am happy to say that all changed a few months ago. I'm not sure why? All I know is that I saw the picture below and I got incredibly turned on! It totally excited me to see the head of that penis sticking out from under the foreskin as this man's cock was getting aroused. For the first time in my life I was getting turned on by looking at an uncut cock and I couldn't help but rub my sissy wee-wee as I looked at the picture.

I then looked at the next picture of the same cock. The penis head was all the way out of the foreskin and fully exposed. It looked incredibly sexy and as I imagined taking that beautiful excited uncut penis in my mouth I ejaculated in the panties I was wearing under my jeans. I couldn't believe it but I was sitting there looking at an uncut cock and had shot a load of cum in my pants! 

Since that day, I can't get enough of looking at uncut cocks. I can't believe it but I'm now getting more aroused by looking at them rather than circumcised ones. I masturbate and cum while fantasizing about them. And YES, my ultimate desire is to sexually pleasure an uncut penis. I want to feel one in my mouth and I want to have my boy pussy filled with one! I'm looking forward to the day when I first get that experience.

Following are a few more pictures of the same sexy cock. I love looking at it and I'm going to masturbate again. I love uncut cocks!!! 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

61 Years Old and Still a Sissy

It's been nearly four years since my last posting and I decided that it was time to start writing again. I am now 61 years old and I still play with myself.....all the time! I truly love playing with my sissy wee-wee in my pretty panties! It feels so good and I usually can't control my excitement for long. I almost always end up making sissy creamies in my panties but then, isn't that what happens to sissies who play with themselves? I really do love to cum in my pretty girly underpants and it excites me to have people see that I've cum. The pictures were taken on my 61st birthday. Is it obvious that I enjoyed my birthday?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Being watched on webcam...

I really love to masturbate on webcam and be watched while I "play with myself". I hadn't done it for awhile but this past Friday I signed on to Webcamnow with my screen name SissyInPanty and fully enjoyed myself. I had up to 6 people viewing me and telling me what to do. I really love being told what to do and following their orders! I started out by rubbing myself through my pretty panties. It wasn't long before I was told to pull my panties down and jerk off for everyone to see. The excitement was too much and I told them that I needed to stop as I didn't want to cum yet. They then had me turn around, bend over, spread my cheeks so they could see my hole and beg to have a cock in my butt. When I turned back to face the camera I pulled my panties back up then began to rub myself through them again. While I played with myself I had to tell everyone that I wanted to suck cock and swallow cum. After a few minutes I pulled my panties back down and began to slap my cock against my belly. I told everyone "I'm a sissy and I'm beating my meat". I don't know why but watching myself do this and hearing my cock slapping against my belly really excites me. It was pretty obvious from my moaning that I was getting really turned on. One guy told me to tell him how much I loved to beat my meat and beg to suck his cock. I stood there slapping my cock against my belly while saying "Sir, I love to beat my meat. I love beating my meat for you. Please, let me suck your cock while I beat my meat. I will suck your cock and swallow your cum. Please fill my mouth with cum". He kept telling me he was going to ram his cock down my throat and give me a big hot load of cum to swallow. Then he said "hold out your hand and start jerking off for me sissy". I did as I was told then he said "Now cum....and catch every drop". As soon as he told me to cum I started to shoot my load. I continued jerking off and when I finished ejaculating I had a large load of hot cum in my hand. The guy then told me to eat my cum like a sissy and to make sure everyone could watch me do it. I held my hand up near my webcam then ate my cum. Being watched while I masturbated and ate my cum was such a turn on. Now I can't wait to do it all again.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Showing my face in pictures.....

Although this picture is of my backside, I am now out of control with allowing my face to be seen in pictures that I post on various websites. I have totally exposed my identity by allowing nearly anyone with access to the websites to see me dressed in my pretty sissy undies, masturbating, and OMG yes.....even making STINK in my panties! It's so insane and I know I'm risking being seen by someone that knows me....and yet I can't keep myself from doing it. Every time that I see one of the pictures has been viewed or commented on, it gets me incredibly aroused, especially the pictures of me wearing STINK filled panties! If you are on Flickr, I have a large number of pictures that show my face while dressed in my sissy panties and bra, sucking a rubber cock and rubbing my excited wee-wee. There are also several of me masturbating. I'm InPanties24Seven. If you have an account at ExperienceProject, you can find me as SissyInPanty. Ask to be a friend and you will not only see some of the same pictures that are on Flickr but you will also be able to see a large number of pictures of me with STINK in my panties.....including some that show my face. There aren't many things more exciting to a panty pooping sissy than to be seen with STINK in his pants! Check out my pictures and please leave comments.....I love them!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I want to suck a cock again......

I've tried putting it out of my mind but it's no use.....I WANT TO SUCK A COCK!!! I admit it again...I WANT TO SUCK A COCK AND SWALLOW A BIG HOT LOAD OF CUM!!! Isn't there anyone around that wants to have their cock sucked by a panty wearing sissy? I need it so bad.....someone please help me find a big cock to suck. I'm ready and waiting!